Providing the reins of command - in emergencies.
                                               - USAF MARS Mission

Complete the online form this website. You will be given an option to select the state you reside in. This will route your application to the correct State Director who will process your application and forward it to the Region and Division Directors for approval. If additional information is necessary, you will be contacted by either your State MARS Director (SMD) or another Region Official with questions or instructions. You do NOT have to supply a copy of your F.C.C. license. We will secure verifcation of licensure through the F.C.C. Universal Licensing System (ULS).

The following are line-by-line instructions for you to refer to while completing the application form. Accuracy of your information is essential. Do not leave any field blank!

Note that the application will open in a new tab in your browser so that you can come back to these instructions for ready reference while you complete the form.


  1. Select the APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP menu item at the top of this page when you are ready to begin!
  2. Using your mouse, point and click to the check box that describes what you want to do: New Membership Application, Renewal of your Air Force MARS license after renewal or other change in your FCC license; Transfer your membership from another MARS Region; Update Information relating to your current MARS license such a change of email address, change of telephone number, etc or changes to your station capabilities.; or request Reinstatement of your MARS license.
  3. Using your mouse, point and click to the area above "Last" on the "Name" line. Enter your Last Name. Capitalize first letter only!
  4. Use the TAB key to move to the next field and enter the information requested. If you find it necessary to return to a previous area, use your mouse and point to the area and then click the left mouse button.
  5. Use your mouse to point to and click on ALL your Station Capabilities.
  6. Carefully read and understand the Privacy StatementRelease Agreement, andSignature Information. If you agree to the statements and agreements and have completed the form, sign the form by typing the equivalent of your normal signature.
  7. Click on the SUBMIT button. If all required information has been entered you will see a confirmation that your request has been sent. If all required information has not been supplied you will receive a message informing you of the missing data and describing a method of supplying the missing information.

Use capitalization as appropriate.
When entering the State information select the North Central Division state that corresponds to your state of residence.
You will need your ZIP+4 postal code. If you do not know your ZIP+4 code you can easily find it at the USPS ZIP Code Lookup page.
When entering your date of birth use the format of mm/dd/yyyy where mm is the two digit month number, dd is the two digit day number, and yyyy is the four digit year.
When entering a telphone number use the format aaa ppp-nnnn where aaa is the Area Code ppp-nnnn is the 7 digit phone number. You may include extension information by following the telephone number with EXT and the information.


If you need assistance completing this form or have other questions concerning USAF MARS contact your State MARS Director (SMD) listed on the LEADERSHIP page.