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51st AFMARS Communications Group

                     Welcome to the 51st AFMARS Communications Group
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Welcome to the 51st AFMARS Communications Group.

Illinois has the distinct honor of being the home state for all of Air Force MARS worldwide and work very hard to continue our tradition.

The members of 51st AFMARS Group are dispersed throughout the state from the Wisconsin Border on the North to the Missouri and Kentucky border on the South. These proud, patriotic and civic minded individuals stand ready to assist all branches of our Military, The Department of Defense, The Department of Homeland Security and Local Municipalities with communication support in emergencies. Each member is an FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator and has been trained and have permission to operate on specially designated military frequencies.

Our members come from different backgrounds and careers; some military, some professionals, farmers, mechanics and every other occupation you can think of to serve our communities. They stand ready to assist in a managed and orderly manner when all around are in chaos. If you think you would like to belong to a group of this caliber, please click up in the Menu Bar at the Top of the Page where it says “Join MARS”.

The IL State AFMARS administrative net (ILAS1) is held each Sunday at 1900 Central time on frequency R52 or R51 as propagation requires.

All stations whether in IL or not are welcomed and encouraged to check-in and participate.

Thanks for visiting our page.

Ed Finlay / AFS51C

51th AFMARRS Communications Wing Group Commander

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AFMARS Communications Group Commander - AFS51C - Ed Finlay, AFA5WR - Contact

AFMARS Communications Operations Officer -  AFS51O - Dave Antry, AFA5FE - Contact

SEC - State Emergency Coordinator AFE5IL - Eric Reusche, AFA5ER - Contact

STM - State Training Manager - Michael E. Ward, AFA5ML -  Contact

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